Chemistry 1-2

Description:   Chemistry at San Marino High School is a college-preparatory course designed to introduce the student to chemical principles and phenomena. Concurrent enrollment in Algebra 2 is required.


Text: Chemistry, Concepts and Critical Thinking, Seventh Edition, Corwin, Prentice Hall, 2014.

Chemistry AP

Description:   Chemistry AP is a second year class.  It is a college-level course designed to teach the concepts covered in the AP course outline and prepare the students to pass the AP exam. The lab focus is guided inquiry experiments where the students design their own procedures to solve problems.  Math Analysis is required.


Text: General Chemistry, Tenth Edition, Ebbing & Gammon, McGraw Hill, 2013.


Of the 52 students who took the AP exam in May 2019, 96.2% earned passing scores, with 80.8% earning 4's and 5's. Our class average was 4.31. The 2019 National average was 2.74, up from 2.56 last year. 

As usual, SMHS students scored exceptionally well. I'm very pleased to see the percentage of 5's over 50.0%, especially considering I was unable to monitor my classes as well as I would have liked. As always there were a few surprise scores, a few higher and a few lower than I expected. Congratulations Titans! Outstanding results.

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